Since the early 1970’s, when Gravity Sports piqued the interest of riders and the general public across America and Europe, individuals have stepped up to take on the responsibility of organising legitimate events for gravity athletes. Since this time various organisations and associations have created a number of racing and technical rulebooks for their respective groups with no widely accepted and universal riders/technical rulebook which allows riders to compete at any event knowing that their racing etiquette and equipment would meet all safety and technical standards as required for insurance.

The Universal Code has no alliance to any individual group, association or organization and is the culmination of information, technical specifications, racing etiquette and safety rules derived from each of the major rulebooks currently in existence. With the support of a global insurance company and the national and international gravity community, The Universal Code is the first independent riders/technical rulebook to be considered as a global standard for the safe organisation, management and development of competitive gravity sports events.

We are excited to announce that insurance is available to any event organiser that adopts The Universal Code as the basis for the safe running and management of their event.*

The Universal Code recognizes and supports the efforts of all organizations/associations, both past and present, whom have contributed to the development of gravity sports across the world. It is our mission to assist event organizers in the staging of safe and legitimate gravity sports events in order to see our respective sports flourish.

*Conditions apply.

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